Mr. Amaral, what’s up now??

Freitas Do AmaralHis historical party (CDS-PP, christian-democracy) might still partying… All because Freitas Do Amaral, Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs dared to make public his opinion about the several positions of the several members of EU regarding the European Constitution.

And the man was right though… After the Netherlands’ «NO» (did someone tell them what were they voting for?) it’s time for EU to stop and reformulate. And it was what Freitas said, just that. Well, his pairs at the government, including the prime-minister didn’t like much just because government’s official position it’s going off in different direction!!! So, Mr. Freitas do Amaral, despite my sympathy for your opinion about this referendum mess, even I, a humble European citizen, know how much a politician can not allow himself to share private opinions with… millions of us!

Habemus Papam !!

“The smoke appeared and the bells of Rome rang out to let the watching world know that a new Pope had been elected. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany was chosen by the College of Cardinals to lead the Roman Catholic Church. He is the 265th pope. The pontiff said his papacy’s goals would include the unification of all Christians and reaching out to other faiths.”

Pope RaztingerIt was already some time ago, April 19th, but just today I felt I could say something about this… Yep, going straight to the point: I’ve nothing against this Pope Benedict XVI. In fact, I don’t know him. However, the system of what he is just the visible part, I know it and it’s depressing. I’d rather not think about it but a German pope makes me think though . His age (78) makes me think as well. And all outdated catholic rules and principles could make me think if, at my age, I’d be silly enough to waste time doing it.

May the man be allowed to die in peace before he turns to be a shocking and degrading mass media show like it happened with his predecessor…

France and the Non

First of all «promiscuity» it’s what comes up to my mind when we talk about the yesterday (May 29th) referendum in France. A party (Socialist) proposing both “yes” and “no” to the European Constitution? And part of those (the “no” ones) together with the ultra-fascist party of Mssr. Le Pen?

Furthermore, a considerable part of a nation, 55 %, going against a document (which it was not even known by a considerable majority of the people also because it was not explained by politicians) for internal policy reasons? Using a referendum about European Union to punish or send messages to the government which is not since long beloved even by those who gave them their vote?

Hellooooo… France, try to get back on track, will you? Guys, the EU founders messing up their own foundation? Shame on you…

Union? How much?

Hey you, guy from the North… How do you see those little fellows from the south? Hey you all in EU, are we in to fight Uncle Sam? Or are we in to achieve the top of supreme happiness based on an economic well being?

Be our guest… Space not reserved to Europeans mainly if the others have something to say!


Man, it’s a religious animal… What do you think about that? Is it painful for you to be listening to someone saying “I’m nihilistic”? Or do you take it as too naive when one says “If God exists why is war a «best seller» in the world?”…

Be our guest… All your beliefs, your doubts, your wandering thoughts about this matter, let them be known by others. Religion it’s sensitive yet not untouchable!!

Hello Guys

This is the very first entry of this blog launched on May 26th, 2005. And why is it written in English if this website is a Portuguese native one? Just because it’s open to the World and if you wanna make yourself understood by others then let others be able to decode your code… And, whether you like it or not (I do!!), English it’s already definitely accepted as the world wide official code…

Dare to share here your opinion about the great current issues which you think they might be of interest to others. Come on, go for it…