The Carnival in Salvador and I…

Salvador, Bahia – I feel the pleasure of not having been nor will be making part of the best Carnival in the world (so they say…), even living 10Km away from the place where it is happening.

And why is this so important for me? Because all people around me had the worry of telling me that Carnival in Salvador is to be seen at least once in a life time even not liking this kind of party. Therefore I should go, as they said. I didn’t go!! I know, I will burn in hell ever after but who cares? Hell is like God, doesn’t exist if you don’t want it to exist.

I usually don’t waste time trying to understand why some specific event or thing makes one’s day. I will not then try to understand why a party like Carnival is so damned important for the Brazilian people in Salvador, Bahia because there are so many things in here which I believe I will not be able to understand. I will not try to understand how good can be a party where you go to with all your red alarms on, blinking and horning like hell, to not being robbed, hit or killed by a huge crowd which happen to be drunk or drugged and/or totally submitted to the slogan “É Carnaval, ninguem leva a mal“.

And of course not, I definitely will not try to connect the deep Christian religiosity of Brazil to the fact that its main national party has profane origins…

Are we there yet ?

The Cat

Surely not for children if the target it’s to catch all the message. Shrek 2 would be better than Shrek 1 if that one were the 1 and this one were the 2… I explain: it’s always pretty hard to beat the originality, the surprise, the novelty brought by the first being of each kind.

If, however, you think that this couple of movies it’s for children because it’s made of cartoons, well, imagine yourself being again a child and rent a DVD or go to the cinema. Come on, give it a try… You won’t regret it, believe me.

Meine liebe weissbier !

Weissbier and I

Almost 35 years ago I drunk my first beer. It was a hot, really hot summer in Porto, Portugal. I and my buddies were so thirsty after a couple of hours studying that we decided to look for a drink. We just found beer!! That was a problem because kids aren’t supposed to drink beer or any other liquid containing alchool.

But human kind has a very high factor of survival and beer was there looking at us and it was then the only thing that could kill our thirst. There was I ready for my very first beer. I drunk it till the very last drop and even today I’m thinking if I would be a beer lover in case summers in Portugal were not that much hot as they were by then and in case that very first beer was not warm like soup…

This is my tribute to the best beer in the world: weissbier from Germany !!

Guns ‘n’ Gospel…

Kill then ask!Last October 23rd, Brazil (or 64% of its voting population) said to the world, through a national referendum, that all Brazilian citizen can freely buy and use weapons. As everybody knows, Brazil is one of the most fanatically religious countries in the world (it is not? never mind, that is the way I see it). In Bahia, an average of three murders per day it’s reasonably accepted by the people. Amazing !!

I can’t recall in what part of the Bible or the Gospel the mighty God or his son gives recommendations for such a scenario to exist…

Pleasures? Share them with us!

A book, a movie, a trip, a song… whatever ! Share with us the little things which makes your life worthy to be lived. And don’t forget to give some clues about the way we can get them too.

Farewell Mr. Cunhal…

Alvaro Cunhal

Álvaro Barreirinhas Cunhal, born on November 10th, 1913, in Coimbra – Portugal, member of the Portuguese Comunist Party (PCP) since 1931 and its undeniable historical leader, died yesterday, June 13th, 2005.

A man’s beliefs or ideals should be no reason to make you closing your ears and eyes and not listen or see his thoughts and actions mainly if they became live on behalf of a nation or even, if it only were, of a group of men.

Consistently, I say “Thank you Mr. Cunhal” for making part of Portugal’s History as a distinguished character. May you rest in peace…

Mr. Amaral, what’s up now??

Freitas Do AmaralHis historical party (CDS-PP, christian-democracy) might still partying… All because Freitas Do Amaral, Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs dared to make public his opinion about the several positions of the several members of EU regarding the European Constitution.

And the man was right though… After the Netherlands’ «NO» (did someone tell them what were they voting for?) it’s time for EU to stop and reformulate. And it was what Freitas said, just that. Well, his pairs at the government, including the prime-minister didn’t like much just because government’s official position it’s going off in different direction!!! So, Mr. Freitas do Amaral, despite my sympathy for your opinion about this referendum mess, even I, a humble European citizen, know how much a politician can not allow himself to share private opinions with… millions of us!

Habemus Papam !!

“The smoke appeared and the bells of Rome rang out to let the watching world know that a new Pope had been elected. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany was chosen by the College of Cardinals to lead the Roman Catholic Church. He is the 265th pope. The pontiff said his papacy’s goals would include the unification of all Christians and reaching out to other faiths.”

Pope RaztingerIt was already some time ago, April 19th, but just today I felt I could say something about this… Yep, going straight to the point: I’ve nothing against this Pope Benedict XVI. In fact, I don’t know him. However, the system of what he is just the visible part, I know it and it’s depressing. I’d rather not think about it but a German pope makes me think though . His age (78) makes me think as well. And all outdated catholic rules and principles could make me think if, at my age, I’d be silly enough to waste time doing it.

May the man be allowed to die in peace before he turns to be a shocking and degrading mass media show like it happened with his predecessor…