Congratulations Portugal

Portugal is the UEFA Euro 2016 champion

UEFA Rich Man, Poor Man

This Europe at two speeds (or more) will show up its football form today with the first semi-final of this UEFA Euro 2016. On one side[1], two very small countries, Portugal and Wales, which never won any competition in their lives. Worse than Portugal, Wales has a very little story to tell regarding its football history. However, they can make history today if they beat the Portuguese squad, which, even not having won anything up to now, has occupied the top ten places of FIFA ranking in the last two decades. Yes, Wales is just one little step away from, for the first time in their lives, being present in the final match of a big competition like the football European cup. Wales is on time essentially a solid squad playing for a good player, Gareth Bale. Not more than that…

Portugal may also make history today for one reason: may be the first team in the world reaching the final match with only ties in the competition! Amazing, isn’t it? It will be for sure a case study. It will be spoken by football scientists for endless years and years. it will be the anti-logic. It will be unique…

Portuguese football players.jpg

Yes, I hope Portugal reaches the final with a tie, again, at the end of the regular 90 minutes against Wales. Great players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani, Quaresma, Renato Sanchez, Pepe and others will give the world a superb lesson of humility and obedience to strategy. Will also give the world other lessons but the World is normally not a good student. Mainly if we speak of parts of the World plenty of arrogance like France, Germany and England which never accept the fact of little countries like Portugal give them lessons…

We’re not only 11, we’re 11 million…

  1. The other semi-final will happen between Germany and France.

The rats are escaping…

Nigel Farage, leader of the campaign for BRexit[1] has resigned (again!) because, according to himself, his job is done: Britain is out of European Union. Great man! The mess is created, now he leaves. Just a question: why the hell he doesn’t leave European Parliament too?

Nigel Farage
  1. Nickname for United Kingdom withdrawal from the European Union formed by words “Britain exit”.

Bye, bye UK

They were never that much UNITED, were they? An almost “fifty-fifty”[1] decision to leave a club which they entered on their own free will? I’m afraid these results point much more to a divided country, don’t they?. But, let me ask, they hadn’t a pistol pointed to their heads when they entered European Community in 1973, had they?

Britain leaves the EU

Union and United are words British can’t understand. Britain is not united because Ireland, Scotland[2] and Wales wished it. They have been “united” just because England has been militarily more powerful than the other states. And even all these years since 73 there was not a real Union in Europe cause Britain has been always an outsider inside!

Let them go, if happiness is what they’re pursuing. If they really know what happiness is! I have my doubts because I don’t see any chance of happiness being a fact on people living on this “proudly alone” attitude…

May the gods save the queen…

  1. In fact 51.9% pro BRexit, 48.1% pro BRemain.
  2. The results here were 38% pro BRexit, 62% pro BRemain.

UEFA Euro 2016

There it is, the 2016 UEFA Euro football cup with the Portuguese squad:

You may download here below the official matches schedule and our own table for registering the match scores[1]. In this very same table you may see what matches will be broadcasted free of charge by RTP1. All the matches will be broadcasted by the Portuguese SportTV but this channel is Pay TV…

Go Portugal, go…

1 Groups Stage
14Jun 20:00h
St Etienne . FRANCE
1 Groups Stage
18Jun 20:00h
Paris . FRANCE
3 Groups Stage
22Jun 17:00h
0(x) Round of 16
25Jun 20:00h
Lens Agglo . FRANCE
1(3) Quarter-finals
30Jun 20:00h
Marseille . FRANCE
2 Semi-finals
6Jul 20:00h
1(x) Final
10Jul 20:00h
Paris . FRANCE

Download here “The match schedule” ( 1.41MB, downloaded 1 times)  
Download here “The score table” ( 80.01KB, downloaded 2 times)

  1. All match scores involving Portugal will be shown in this page. When the score is get in the extended time, you’ll see a x between brackets. If instead the x you see a number, that number represents the number of successful penalties of that team.

Let them (BR)exit…

No comments…[1]

Merkel and the BRexit
  1. To BRexit or to Bremain is the question…”

Struggle For Pleasure

When a “cremosi” ice-cream turns to be a moment of pleasure, then happiness happened. And for every happened moment of pleasure we desire another one. And another. And another… And like so we’ll be struggling for every moment of pleasure. And like so we’re making our happiness happening…


by Wim Mertens, “Struggle For Pleasure”, live Belgium in 2005
Video slightly edited by Zé Barbosa
Original photo by Zé Barbosa (black & white chocolate)

More beautiful than…

Is Porto, Portugal, one of the “10 Smaller Cities That Are More Beautiful Than Their Capitals“?
A huge surprise !! Even more coming from a travel website from USA…

Porto, small but beautiful

The fact is that lately, Porto has been invaded by tourists, coming from everywhere. Brazilians, Germans, Chinese, North-Americans, French and many other. It’s as interesting as surprising! Something is bringing tourists to my humble hometown and it seems they are really liking it. Food, wine, warm reception by locals, a trip to the past, the river… Whatever! Porto is currently a touristy destination and I like it. Mainly because it feels good to tell Lisbon’s guys that we are “a small city but more beautiful than our capital”.

How North-Americans have a good eye for tourism…