Blague dègueulasse…

Speaking of jokes, French are not famous for their humor. As a matter of fact, French humor is quite a lot female style. Meaning: very little! Their arrogance is as well a weak point because is always only addressed to the weakest side. Not comparing to the easy way Germans invaded France in the World War II, the easy way Portuguese squad involved France squad in its strategic web deserves respect from everybody, including all genius of military strategy…

France made a tremendous calculation error: Portugal football has been, since a couple of decades, owner of one of the top 10 positions in FIFA ranking, very often ahead France’s. But France gets into confused states very easily. History can tell it, I don’t need big efforts then. The idea of making run a bus with wide “European Champions 2016” text decorating it was not that much wise, considering that football is no more no less than just a game which means that you only know the score after the end of the match…

France is long since hiding a national economy running to an evident break soon or later. Being winner of the UEFA Euro 2016 would be a good tool to make French peoples forget how near of economic break they are. For some reason, European Union is now led by Germany only, now that England has left and France is more in the beggar position than in the giver one…

Anyhow, here is a non expensive solution for the French bus which was running in Paris during the final match showing the phrase “Champions d’Europe 2016”. Of course it had to drive fast back into the garage, right after the great goal of Éder (Portuguese footballer), the Portuguese striker who killed for good the French dream. You see? If you just replace 0 by 1, it’s cheap and becomes more realistic.

Don’t agree? Ok, just a disgusting joke…

The bus of a broken French dream

We’re as simple as doves, as wise as serpents

“We were as simple as doves, as wise as serpents…”[1]
by Fernando Santos
Portuguese Coach in UEFA Euro 2016

Portuguese coach and players celebrating
  1. In Portuguese: “Fomos simples como as pombas e prudentes como as serpentes”.

A propos de football dégueulasse…

Après avoir perdu avec ce football dégueulasse[1] il ne rest plus que un gros melon, n’est ce pas franciús?[2]

Gros melon pour les franciús
  1. Écrit dans le journal français “20 Minutes” après le match de Portugal contre la Croatie.
  2. This cartoon is a courtesy of José Manuel Rosa, in José Manuel Rosa

The Winner of UEFA Euro 2016

To be remembered, today and ever. A squad from a small country always seen as the “poor guys with a nice football”. A squad going against the worst criticism from the host of this tournament, France, which had the glorious chance of tasting, on their flesh and bones, the sweetness of this Portuguese “disgusting”[1] football. A squad which started the tournament under the slogan “we’re not only 11, we’re 11 million“, showing like so a strong belief.

Well done boys…

Portuguese Squad for UEFA Euro 2016

 Download photo of Portuguese squad (579.98KB – 1600×1067px, downloaded 1 times)

  1. Qualified like so by a French journalist. Read Disgusting football….

Strategy, Discipline, Belief

Fernando Santos, Portuguese coach

Mission: knockout CR7

His name: Dimitri Payet.
His mission: knockout Cristiano Ronaldo.
With intention? Clearly…
Accomplice: the referee, Mark Clattenburg (England)

Dimitri Payet born to kill

Congratulations Portugal

Portugal is the UEFA Euro 2016 champion

UEFA Rich Man, Poor Man

This Europe at two speeds (or more) will show up its football form today with the first semi-final of this UEFA Euro 2016. On one side[1], two very small countries, Portugal and Wales, which never won any competition in their lives. Worse than Portugal, Wales has a very little story to tell regarding its football history. However, they can make history today if they beat the Portuguese squad, which, even not having won anything up to now, has occupied the top ten places of FIFA ranking in the last two decades. Yes, Wales is just one little step away from, for the first time in their lives, being present in the final match of a big competition like the football European cup. Wales is on time essentially a solid squad playing for a good player, Gareth Bale. Not more than that…

Portugal may also make history today for one reason: may be the first team in the world reaching the final match with only ties in the competition! Amazing, isn’t it? It will be for sure a case study. It will be spoken by football scientists for endless years and years. it will be the anti-logic. It will be unique…

Portuguese football players.jpg

Yes, I hope Portugal reaches the final with a tie, again, at the end of the regular 90 minutes against Wales. Great players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani, Quaresma, Renato Sanchez, Pepe and others will give the world a superb lesson of humility and obedience to strategy. Will also give the world other lessons but the World is normally not a good student. Mainly if we speak of parts of the World plenty of arrogance like France, Germany and England which never accept the fact of little countries like Portugal give them lessons…

We’re not only 11, we’re 11 million…

  1. The other semi-final will happen between Germany and France.