Hello world! Again…

Roaming, free the speech is back but now with a new name, Zé Barbosa’s, and reshaped !!

New look, new structure. This blog will be just a bunch of articles of opinion about different topics and, additionally, a couple of things more about Zé Barbosa’s hometown and country. The internet radio nRP no longer resides here and other stuff which used to be part of the old website has also been removed in order to turn lighter the reading of actual website. Links to Facebook will also be present but this time without the too much hard and unfriendly Facebook[1] application.

May the gods be with all of us…

  1. Facebook is exaggeratedly demanding about their applications which is the main reason for us to get rid of it. Besides that, they do on their platform and require to its users too many updates and upgrades!

The End

This is to inform that blog section of this web site ends today!
No further posts will be written.
Our thanks to readers who dedicated some time of their lives to Roaming, free the speech

Ten Years After

In the beginning, ten years ago, it was the “Hello Guys”, a form very close to “Hello World” which was an expression very frequently used for testing scripts, for example on Perl. Those were my first steps in the blogs’ world, with just a little knowledge of the WordPress platform and not much more knowledge of PHP, a super language I wouldn’t ever exchange with Active Server Pages, ASP, or the old and dear Perl[1].

This blog

What´s better today in this blog? Much better web hosting[2]. Much better web design. Much better English language. Much better WordPress platform[3]. Many more and much better plugins for WordPress which I list here below and to what’s authors I’d like to thank their effort to keep them alive[4]:

  1. Akismet v3.1.1
  2. All In One SEO Pack v2.2.6
  3. Allow PHP in Posts and Pages v3.0.4
  4. Better-Wiki-Link v1.7.5
  5. Bluehost Affiliator v1.0.2
  6. Change Memory Limit v1.0
  7. Facebook v1.5.5
  8. Fast Secure Contact Form v4.0.33
  9. FD Footnotes v1.31
  10. Include It v1.1.9
  11. Include Me v1.1.1
  12. Jetpack by WordPress.com v3.4.1
  13. JW Player 6 Plugin for WordPress v2.1.10
  14. Like 2 Unlock v4.1.6
  15. Maintenance Mode v5.4
  16. Peter’s Login Redirect v2.8.2
  17. PHP Text Widget v1.0.8
  18. Register Plus Redux v4.1.2
  19. Sidebar Login v2.7.1
  20. WP-Mail-SMTP v0.9.5
  21. WP Page Numbers v0.5
  22. WP Photo Album Plus v5.5.5
  23. WP Render Blogroll Links v2.1.8
  24. WP Wall v1.7.3

What about what hasn’t changed in this blog? The number of readers per day. It is about the same, meaning, practically none[5]. The number of contributors. There’s precisely no contributors at all. The earnings with advertising. I would die of hunger if I were waiting for earnings from this blog to buy food. The author. Just ten years older, still the same jackass…

This is just another blog in the blogosphere! From Porto, to the World. This blog is already too big to let it go down and disappear like it never have existed. This blog is already a major and relevant part of my life…

May the gods be with Roaming, free the speech

  1. Perl is no longer much used in web design as before but it is still the language used to support the homemade web radio, nRP, a fancy component of Roaming, free the speech
  2. Nowadays assured by Bluehost.com, in US.
  3. Version 4.1.1 over PHP version 5.2.17, as of writing of this post.
  4. You may click the plugin name to be redirected to the respective plugin’s site, if it still exists.
  5. If the hit counter used here below, in the footer of this webpage, were a trusty thing, I could say that this website sucks! A simple calculation based on the number supplied by the hit counter, would put this blog in the list of the less visited ones in the world: a shameful quantity of 5 (five) unique visitors per day!

Velhos Tempos

Suddenly I knew that you’d have to go, your world was not mine, your eyes told me so. Yet it was there I felt the crossroads of time and I wondered why.

The old ways are lost…

by Loreena McKennitt
“Old Ways”, in Nights from the Alhambra(live), © 2007
Subtitles in Portuguese by Zé Barbosa[1].
Video clip with original front photo from our gallery.
  1. SRT subtitles file created with the freeware and open source editor Subtitles Edit which you can download here.

Today’s Thought

We all feel sad, we all feel happy, we all get drunk…
May the gods be with you…

Gradual Choking

Once in a while I find myself thinking about decisions. The taken ones. The not taken ones. The ones other might have taken. Good. Bad. Simply designed with that perfection that only distance can provide. Those “If I were you…” are charming! Always…

Slight wanderings through a past full of everything and nothing. A tenuous indecision here and there. Standing still is not an option! Come on in… Through an open door probably that not much visibly opened. Doubts! From? The usual. Or might not be. Her? Him? Both, maybe? Truths disturb. Courage is an ideal. Courages are more the thing. Little courages.

And then questions arise again. And again… Doubts fly around heads. Those fears braking desires. The past is not to return. Again the past! The very same that has built the present and always has challenged the future. The many futures, one after the other, till present. And cracks desires. And dim smiles. So dim-witted they turn to be. So many farses need to happen and obstinately prevail as normality. It is hard for logic to prevail over emotion. It is hard for logic and emotion become a symphony. But it worked before! Shall it work again?

Long walks on the beach. The cold wind from North as usual. The blue or the green, the gray or the pallid yellow. The waves coming and going. Like birds in their normal cycle of life. The sounds of persistent seagulls. The images coming and going. The memories of a life which persists on appearing to be a non-sense. The friends. Mothers and brothers. Fathers and sisters. Children… Trees dying standing. Dead parts of live trees.

Video created by ClaudioDiGiampa.
Over soundtrack by Jesse Cook, “Breathing Below Surface”.

I am about to quit. Too many things playing against. No much time for reaction. For strategy definition. For breathing deep, in and out. No passion. No fever. No more burning blood flooding the brain. No smile on a light and smoothy contoured face. No more long hairs floating to the taste of the wind. No more walks at the beach under the solely sound of the ocean. No more vibrations. No more sleepless nights happily waiting for the daylight…

No passion, just choking out…

April 25th, Forever

A special day[1]. A beautiful memory. Again and we are still free. What a great day…

Here below? A good test for people learning Portuguese language. In this special day, try a translation down here. Good luck !!

  1. 1974, April 25th, Carnation Revolution.

Ooops… Maintenance works today !

Today we had to proceed with several unscheduled maintenance works on our server. Due to that, several broadcasting interruptions took place which have kicked off some of our listeners.

We do apologize and we promise to be as fast as possible. A couple of more cuts may happen in the next few hours but we’re still broadcasting.
Thanks for your understanding.

Let us know how we’re doing. Drop a shout down here…
Don’t quit on us 🙂
nRP Webmaster