Oh What A World Of Pretenders

While Nicolás Maduro tries to reach the poll-position for the world race of odd characters, where Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump are standing for long, the world keeps being populated by normal people pretending to love what they do daily.

I don’t like what I’m doing, in every day of my life. I’m bored. Saturated. […]

Crossing the 58th constellation…

Just starting. A bitter taste in the mouth. No glory. No hope. No light seen. No illusion, nor disillusion. The contemplation of what could have been done. Expected to be done. But not done. The look of losers. The expectations down there, too deep for my taste. A bitter taste in the mouth…

Crossing an […]

The End

This is to inform that blog section of this web site ends today! No further posts will be written. Our thanks to readers who dedicated some time of their lives to Roaming, free the speech…

Twenty Fifteen

Many things came up into my mind, before and after the twelve clangs. The first one is the goal for this new year: same as before! Kind a “winning team shouldn’t be changed” or “better same than none”. It can be taken as stepping forward one, followed by stepping back the same but life is […]

So much far away from everything…

Really everything… Space and time sometimes are magnitudes mixed up in phrases more or less philosophic. But even old philosophy is far away. Everything can be anything, just depending on many things. Too many, sometimes. The young girl said “Happiness for me is to enjoy an ice-cream in a sunny and hot day in summer”. […]

The Undesired Return

I hate the act of returning. As far I remember, every possible return it’s not a choice of my own will. Gone times are always gone forever, at least it’s what I wish them to be. This undesired return hurts me quite a lot. How I wish it wasn’t happening…

Every time I travel away, […]

Mike F

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“Q Bonjóia” by Mike F Live w/ friends

Clichés, Sex and Other Trivialities

Still away from my smashing routine, going fast down to “déjà vues”, this is not what a wise man should be dealing with! “Just passing by” is no more, no less, than “just passing by”. I feel I should not be dealing with trivialities at this point of my life but, passing now to the […]