Sine Die

Is the normal behavior of many human beings. Going, living, seeing, thinking without a deadline. Commitment is a heavy word for a bunch of people. Might, maybe, “we never know”, “who knows?” are very much frequently used words. And the Portuguese are not exclusive owners of this behavior. Oh no, I have seen much worse […]

Killing for pleasure

Between the terrorism in Manchester, UK, passing through the long lasting war in Syria, and the total madness of Kim Jong-un, the world is crazy, I must say. Agitation is total. Tension is growing up. As days pass, we are more and more a barrel of gunpowder with a short fuse lookalike. I definitely do […]

Breaking Waves in 2016

Winter sunset in Matosinhos’ beach

New year, new life. New expectations, new promises. New wills, new reformulations. Swimming to meet the waves. And breaking them…

For every time we fall down we do need to have learnt how to stand up again. So help me the gods…

In English — Every breaking wave on the shore Tells the next one […]

Black Sea

All it was well when the simple nobodies we were had not to worry about if things would (or not) end well.

But then, Man discovered the black gold and fell deeply in love with the good and endless pleasures he could buy with it. All it was looking like happiness, all it was […]

Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie

… but I am totally and clearly against any kind of terrorism, no matter where it comes from !!

Mercy Street

Based on poem “45 Mercy Street”[1] by Anne Sexton, this song from Peter Gabriel[2] has a melody sounding as much dramatic as both lyrics and Anne Sexton’s life sound. Nevertheless, is powerful. I have realized, lately, that many people handle their daily dramas by digging and sinking deep in their own anguish. It seems that, […]

Solo le Pido a Dios

Reason to place here Mercedes Sosa? None! Should I have one?

Mercedes was born in 1935 and died in 2009. Seventy four years is time good enough to go through this meaningless life, to what everyone of us desperately tries to attach some meaning. No need to give life a meaning, don’t worry. Don’t let […]

Into The Wild

Totally fed up of life? There are the ones going into the wild. There are the other standing up, down sometimes, in this civilized game of world’s owners called capitalism. One’s life can go from total happiness to total desperation. Reaching a reasonable balance it’s a hell of a job…

What to do if you […]