Nice, another act of terror

Enough !! There is no reason to keep being diplomatic with these beasts who spit on the plate where they eat. Let’s shut frontiers if necessary. Let’s send back home, to Asia or Africa every single Muslim or even Muslim descendant living in Europe. Think: why do they leave their countries? Isn’t it because in […]

Struggle For Pleasure

When a “cremosi” ice-cream turns to be a moment of pleasure, then happiness happened. And for every happened moment of pleasure we desire another one. And another. And another… And like so we’ll be struggling for every moment of pleasure. And like so we’re making our happiness happening…


by Wim Mertens, “Struggle For Pleasure”, […]

This Foolish Northern Way


Today’s Thought

We all feel sad, we all feel happy, we all get drunk… May the gods be with you…


From today on, a box in our right sidebar called `Free The Speech`. Free for all. Whatever one’s mind commands when passing by…

SHOUTBOX is, let’s say, the technical name for a box in a website where visitors can freely “shout” up and out anything without any kind of censorship. It’s a kind of a […]


Between the is and the should be. Between the was and the shouldn’t have been. Between the she and the other. Between the concept and the preconception. Between the parenthood and progenitorhood[1]. Between the social and the individual. Between the pleasure and the pain. Between the will be and the shall be. Between the stones […]

C’est vraiment trop injuste…


Kids Without A Tomorrow?

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