The rats are escaping…

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage, leader of the campaign for BRexit[1] has resigned (again!) because, according to himself, his job is done: Britain is out of European Union. Great man! The mess is created, now he leaves. Just a question: why the hell he doesn’t leave European Parliament too?


Bye, bye UK

They were never that much UNITED, were they? An almost “fifty-fifty”[1] decision to leave a club which they entered on their own free will? I’m afraid these results point much more to a divided country, don’t they?. But, let me ask, they hadn’t a pistol pointed to their heads when they entered European Community in […]

Let them (BR)exit…

No comments…[1]

Puzzled European Union

L’Europe social n’existe pas. L’Europe solidaire n’existe pas. L’Europe juste n’existe pas. L’Europe de l’egalité n’existe pas. L’Europe de la fraternité n’existe pas. L’Europe de la tolérance n’existe pas. L’Europe de la dignité n’existe pas. L’Europe de la transparence n’existe pas. L’Europe de la coopération n’existe pas. L’Europe de la stabilité n’existe pas. L’Europe politique […]

Nothing new in the East

What can a normal citizen of the so called peripheral Europe say about the invasion of Crimea by Russia? Nothing ! Any reaction will be a very personal one and not at all conditioned by any common European politics[1], regarding this new international incident in Europe…

Soviet Union never was a target of my admiration. […]

Who did What, Where, When and Why?

While we, Portuguese, are still struggling to find a solution for removing the mud and the shit which are already pretty close to reach our mouth and nose, it’s fair to refresh the memory of some preachers of the perfect behaviors, the good moral and best practices, from the so called EU core block[1], and […]

Poor man, rich man…

I could have written “Rich Man, Poor Man” but it would generate some confusion as some people would probably think about the American series with same name, which I followed decades ago from the first to the last episode! No, I don’t want to refer to that TV series. I just want to say something […]

Not United Union -part 2

One after the other, EU member countries are falling down to the level of any common street beggar like the ones you can see in rich cities like New York or London. Our neighbors, Spain, are now going through an internal political and social ebullition after they asked EU for help to re-capitalize their banks. […]