Mr. Power Point

The art of well power pointing in any corporation is three quarters of the way to a well succeeded career. Investment on MS Power Point (advanced) has therefore a guaranteed return. However, learning is not all. Is mandatory to own already the natural skill…


Labor Day

Frankly speaking? The only thing it occurs me in this Labor Day, 2013, is very much expressed by the following picture. I don’t feel much into political or social discussions. Much less those centered on arguments around if this is the Worker Day, the Labor Day or another brick on the wall…

Portugal sucks! Too […]

Self-Trapped –part 3

51st constellation, year 2010 – Five years after the part one of this topic (read it here), I have realized how important for me would be to find the escape[1]. Many events during my stay in Brazil, from 2005 to 2007, and many other after it, have made me understand how (too) close I am […]

Self-Trapped -part 2

… or “Don’t cry for me. This is not a goodbye”.[1]

Today I went through a terrific experience in my professional life: my former bosses were so spectacular providing me such a VIP treatment[2] that the result was a couple of people dropping some tears for me. Guys, when someone cries for me, sincerely and […]

Loneliness instead of Solitude

Somewhere near the 51st constellation, year 2010 – I have to declare I have today been crushed by loneliness. Fortunately I had a conversation about deep considerations over life and the good reasons to be alive and be still working out good ways to see happiness through a lens of weaknesses and hopes!

I wrote […]

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

… or, some mistakes a leader should never make! In some corporations, there is a bunch of leaders[1] with very poor concepts of delegation, communication, team work, assertiveness and so on. Roughly speaking, a good leader is somebody succeeding to drive his team towards previously defined goals by using the less possible resources[2]. For instance, […]

Stop Being Accomplice!

Following text was received by email, sent by my friend Mr. Edvale[1]. I have assumed he would like me to translate it to English and place it in my blog. If that was the case, it was my pleasure!

You gotta know that:

regular workers in Portugal (the ones still keeping their job) earn approximately […]

Springs In Arses

Let’s start from the beginning: a “spring” is a metal elastic device that returns to its shape or position when pushed, pulled or pressed. The word “arse” refers to ass, buttocks (British Slang) or someone who is stupid or repulsive (British Slang). Altogether, “Springs In Arses” is a deep[1] sociologic study about those arses wearing […]