Sweet potato…


Sweet potato (unpeeled), tomato, cucumber[1], salt, black pepper, garlic, oregano, Portuguese olive oil[2] and Portuguese white wine vinegar[3].



Café Tony, Leça da Palmeira


Whom to? Myself. To the ocean which is and always will be part of my imaginary. To “cimbalino”[1], with or with sugar. To the Portuguese terrace. To survival. To existence…



Cats & Cats

Puss In Boots

Charles Perrault and his 338º anniversary! How do I know this? Because I’m a Google user and this fact was there. My curiosity took me to find out who the hell was that gentleman. All of sudden I found out that some of my childhood favorite fairy tales were created by him, like:

The Puss […]

Ten Years After

In the beginning, ten years ago, it was the “Hello Guys”, a form very close to “Hello World” which was an expression very frequently used for testing scripts, for example on Perl. Those were my first steps in the blogs’ world, with just a little knowledge of the WordPress platform and not much more knowledge […]

They Don’t Like You Be So Free

Long time no see… Westerns, of course! Far West, Old West or Wild West… Or, most commonly, cowboy movies.

This product of a typical USA culture was, many years ago, one of my favorites. Let’s say that we really can’t escape to normality. Said by other words and generally speaking, each of us trails in […]

Seasons End

On the precise day when it will start a new FIFA World Cup, which is every four years supposed to be a high moment for football[1] lovers, there are a couple of world events which people will surely throw away to second, third or Nth plan while paying all attention to the huge amount of […]

Art For Non Artists

This is it: a superb painting! What can I see on it? Or maybe through it? Or, who knows, over it? Or behind it? Maybe beyond it? Well, where does it drive me to?



… of Portugal, of course!

This is what I am: I love eating and drinking, good company and I am Portuguese. Altogether, my last wanderings through out this tiny country where I was born took me to the very north of this Lusitanian world. Specifically, Peneda-Gerês National Park is where I usually go to get […]