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Pangasius on the hill of friends…

I get upset when people do not believe I can cook. What the heck…?? What kind of face does it take to make people believe we can cook? My mother said one day “Zé, I’ll teach you how to cook, we never know if one day you get alone […]

Porto, European Best Destination 2017

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Promotional video for European Best Destination 2017 contest.

Thank you Mr. Mário Soares

Mário Soares

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Patricia Mamona

Francesinha -p2

Francesinha & Super Bock

Again, and again, and again… Not to often, just when I miss it. And when we miss we feel more pleasure eating. Now with Super Bock, the very much Portuguese beer which already crossed lands and seas despite serious competitors from several parts of the world.

I have been in USA a couple of times. […]

More beautiful than…

Is Porto, Portugal, one of the “10 Smaller Cities That Are More Beautiful Than Their Capitals“? A huge surprise !! Even more coming from a travel website from USA…


April 25th, Forever

A special day[1]. A beautiful memory. Again and we are still free. What a great day…

Here below? A good test for people learning Portuguese language. In this special day, try a translation down here. Good luck !!

1974, April 25th, Carnation Revolution.