Dating sites reviews -p3

And Monika Brown, one of the thousands of fake profiles in, continues:

Thanks for your response, i am glad to meet a man who want a long term relationship. I am ready to build a relationship that will be permanent. . I was brought up in a farm house, maybe this tells why i […]

Dating sites reviews -p2

Well, is boring to read but I had the time and the patience to do it: reading an email message from a girl registered in (her name Monika Brown):

How are you and work,hope all is well with you ? its my very great pleasure to hear back from you. I want you to […]

Dating sites reviews

Yes, it’s my new hobby: subscribing dating websites. I know that curiosity killed the cat but I had to go through this. And the idea is to place here some reviews about some dating sites I’ve subscribed and experimented. There it goes the first one…

Nothing is as it looks to be. Thousands of […]

A bath of solitude

The world does not care about truth. The truth is one per each mind in world. The reality is relative to every eye which sees it. The eyes deceive. The mind takes deception depending on convenience. Convenience rules…

Love is such an easy old thing. Love is what you want it to be. Love is […]

Gradual Choking

Once in a while I find myself thinking about decisions. The taken ones. The not taken ones. The ones other might have taken. Good. Bad. Simply designed with that perfection that only distance can provide. Those “If I were you…” are charming! Always…

Slight wanderings through a past full of everything and nothing. A tenuous […]

Enlighten Me

… during those very frequently happening moments when it looks like not existing the right track. In those moments when love is just a mirage in a desert of feelings. In those hours when tears seem to be the only relief. While crossing long minutes of forced solitude. During occasional hesitations about regrets. While corroded […]

Feelings in Black & White

(…) SHE – Oh gosh! Why’s that, sun of my life? HE – Because some of us, human beings, hardly express our own feelings. SHE – I know and that’s why you’re in troubles! What are you gonna do tonight? HE – Watching TV, I guess! I feel like staying at home kind a calm […]

Keep Talking

Who said that all problems can be solved through discussion? They just can’t. As a matter of fact, many problems start exactly during discussion. Let’s say, because I am a basic and simple things lover, that we better keep our mouth shut if we’re not sure about what to say or, even better, if we […]