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Women and Humor

Humor is not a feminine attribute.

I mean, good humor. Because bad, yes, women master it. That’s why I so much appreciate the opposite sex (or gender, if you prefer). It is so captivating to tease a being that in just one day varies so much its humor, being that the predominant is the […]

Who’s Buying (in) Portugal?

This woman is also one of those female celebrities who gets on a plane and come to shop in Portugal…

Yet, this lady comes to buy Portugal itself !!! A financial company today, a communications company tomorrow, a couple of power company pieces after tomorrow… Maybe once in a while and during coffee breaks, just […]

Ladies First

In this season when much is being said about Islamim, and ancestral African traditions, and,… And… And… At least here in the west side of a clearly male-chauvinistic world it’s good to refresh memories, once in a while, as we also have our domestic violence, and gender apartheid,… And… And…

Another International Women’s Day…


I Do Not Like Piercings

I Do Not Like Tattoos

Who Is She? -part 2


Shoot me…

Girls are all alike! They aren’t, actually, but once in a while I love these pre-made sentences or, if you prefer, these clichés. And there was I in that normal garden, in a normal Sunday afternoon, with a normal friend, chatting about normal things, killing time as I normally do in normal Sunday afternoons, the […]